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    I've Noticed that recently my touchpad has been using up more and more battery while I just web browse. within 5 minutes I lose 5-6 % battery.

    I do have it overclocked with UberKernel at 1.5 but I still think that this type of battery consumption is irregular for just web browsing.

    In Govnah the Battery Current goes up to almost 800mA by just browsing a non flash website such as PreCentral.

    This is really annoying since I have to take notes with gmail (google docs) in class, so my battery being lame like this is really inconvenient.

    I have almost all performance patches installed and I restarted luna after each prompted install.

    Any help/suggestions?
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    I went back to the stock kernel for the same reason.
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    Why do you have to take notes with Gmail?
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    Yeah I really like the performance of the 1.5 but this drain is killing me. I hope maybe its just uberkernel...maybe others like warthog have different effects.

    Quickoffice isnt friendly enough to write notes with. I also just realized I said gmail instead of Google yeah I'm assuming that is why you questioned it haha. But yeah I still think it's easier to take notes with Gdocs than Quickoffice.

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