I know this sort of thing has been discussed before but I think some things have changed since then, specifically the arrival of paid apps downunder and the inability to use Simon malls gift cards.

I have two touchpads, one with an AU HP profile and I set the second up with a US profile so I could see how much difference there is now we have paid apps in AU. Still pretty surprised the US customers have so many more apps (free and paid) than us. But how do I actually purchase the apps? Using my credit card it throws an error because it's an Australian card. A while ago Simon malls was an option but now they only ship to US addresses.

What are the current options people are using who want more than a handful of paid apps? And for that matter why would a developer not open their apps to all catalogs so they get more buyers?? Is there any likelihood the situation will change such that patience may be the best option??