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    It's amazing to see tons of people here thinks HP is doing amazing job at selling their TouchPad. And some people also think webOS is winning. It's really sad. It's true touchPad is all sold out, but how many do you really think HP made touchPad within month? Probably between 500k to much less than 1 million unit. I doubt even with this number, we are the number 2 in tablet market. Even if TouchPad took the far second place, soon Amazon tablet will take that spot away.

    If I had to put down a number, I think I'd be comfortable with the idea of HP having sold around 800k, maybe 900k - assuming they sold every one they made. It's likely there were 400-450k produced each month, June and July, but surely they'd already slowed production by August when the things weren't flying off the shelves (of course, HP has displayed more irrationality lately than any tech company in recent history so it's hard to say at this point... there's no stopping the crazy train!).

    Android 3.x tablets, as a whole, have supposedly only sold around 1.3-1.4M so far so it actually could be true that the TP is #2 in sales, as far as the hardware goes... but it's a distant and almost meaningless position as the iPad has pushed 30-40x more units into buyers hands.

    I haven't seen much concrete news about the Android tablet, though. Is there anything "real" to go on? Will they really price a tablet lower than their high-end Kindle device? If it's not priced at an extremely attractive level then I don't imagine it will move impressive numbers, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hnzw_rui View Post
    I do think this will probably be the case. Amazon can afford to take a slight loss on the device because they can make up the money by selling content. They've already the got ebooks, mp3, videos and Android app store set-up. Eco-system is there already. All they need is the device.
    Amazon tablet = yawn. Just another Android tablet. It's not that it will be any better than any other tablet out there. It could be a piece of junk, but put a low price on it and everyone will want it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickA View Post
    Amazon tablet = yawn. Just another Android tablet. It's not that it will be any better than any other tablet out there. It could be a piece of junk, but put a low price on it and everyone will want it.
    In fairness, the only reason the TouchPad is flying off off shelves is because of the low price. Sure, the Amazon tablet might be just another Android tablet, but I don't think it's going to be junk. It's not going to be as nice as more expensive Android tablets, but it will no doubt be an attractive product at its price point. I suspect their initial offering would be a $200-250 7" tablet specifically targeted towards the Nook Color.

    Haven't had the pleasure of using Honeycomb but by far, webOS is better than Gingerbread when it comes to user interface. However, the unpatched TouchPad has performance issues that detract from the beauty and useability of the OS.
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    I'll just add this to the discussion. During this fire sale I was in charge of trying to get friends and family units because I was the most 'deal savvy' and willing to put in the work scouring for TouchPads. I bought a total of 8 for myself, gf, mom, friends, grandpa, etc. I opened and updated and patched all 7 of the units for others and my own and to make sure they all ran before I disseminated them.

    What was remarkable was the wide range of quality on the tablets. Screens ranged from good color/saturation/brightness to two of them that had pink tint and are in the process of being repaired at HP, to one being repaired for a very dim screen, and on. Using the home screen as a comparison, almost every unit had a different hue/color saturation/max brightness level. The volume button on some were very loose while others were snug, the 'home' button on the botton (when in portrait mode) varied from flush and snug to sunken in and very loose/rattling. These 8 units were from four different suppliers and the 2 from best buy were from different stores, so I feel it's a pretty good cross section of samples.

    My point being, I'm not sure QC was all that great when they were originally making them.
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    they aren't going to retool the assembly lines to save marginally on the workload as it would be counter productive to saving money to begin with. Not to mention dumb to retool for one last run anyways. The only real area to save at this point is the labor, logistics, and marketing. Most of the labor is automated now so the idea of losing quality for a last production run is idiocy.

    I wouldn't expect to see any different quality than the ones produced prior to the last run.
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