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    I have had my Touchpad about a week, and using tips from this forum and others, I installed Preware and the recommended patches. Now the only thing left that is recommended is overclocking, which seems fairly simple from the tutorials.

    My only question do you take it from overclocked back to the original setting......just by using the Preware setting? (I guess the only reason you might want to do this would be that since it voids the might need to reset it before any warranty covered services?)

    Also, if HP released another update, would you need to remove the overclocking (and patches?) before downloading and installing any updates?
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    Install the Palm "Recovery" kernel in the Kernels section of Preware.

    It's recommended by webOS Internals to wait 24 hours after an OTA to make sure nothing conflicts, however, during the last update, several people reported not removing patches and had no adverse complications. While that worked for that update, that doesn't guarantee the same with the next, so do so at your own risk, or wait.

    If you don't want to wait, (who does), then simply remove your patches the same way you installed them, and then update.
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    Just remove Uberkernel from Preware.
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    governah/profils/palm default
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    One way is just opening Govnah and choosing palm-default from the choices

    Another way is using preware and uninstalling uberkernel.

    Eaither way truely clocks it back down, the second makes it impossible to clock back up without reinstalling UberKernel.
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    There is a Recovery Default Kernel for 3.0.2 in Preware. If you would like to revert back to stock, uninstall your overclocking kernel, reboot and install your Recovery Kernel and reboot.

    I personally take off any Themes and kernels for OTA's and do a save and restore for patches. Make sure you wait at least 24-48 before you reinstall patches after an OTA or follow the developers lead on their revisions before reinstalling patches.
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    Just as you installed the overclocking kernel via Preware, you can install the original webOS kernel from Preware and you will be back to how it was when you first got it. It is a good idea to install the original webOS kernel before any OTA update. Some have reported having done the updates without removing the overclocked kernels and have not had any problems. But even then I personally think it is best to revert to the original kernel before any OTA update, specially since the OTA update will install a new kernel anyhow.
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