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    Marc Aurelien over at webOS France recently testing overclocking and battery life on the Touchpad. The take-away is that you get the best battery life at 1.2GHz, the clock speed set by HP. Downclocking really doesn't do much. The savings in battery life are not worth losing performance. While overclocking will increase performance, if you run your Touchpad at the highest speed currently achievable, 1.8GHz, you will lose around 16% in terms of battery life.

    The rest is a pretty interesting read, if you can read French (and I guess Google Translate will work well enough).

    Edito : Autonomie VS Overclocking : le test complet
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    very good article, made me stop downclocking my Pre3
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    Thanks for the post.
    You should remember, that you get 16% less runntime for running apps.
    When the device sleeps you most likely get the same "runntime".
    Depending on your usage you will get much less than 16% shorter Battery life.
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    Hmm, I overclocked it to 1,5 GHz now but the battery life is about the same or a bit better than with no overclock/downclock.
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    Of course they have said 1.5 is not overclocking our TP..although I have not read the article yet

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