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    I noticed last night that I can't hold-&-drag to re-order the lineup of my images in the stock photo viewer on the TP. Nothng else I tried worked either.

    Is this normal?

    You'd think there'd be a way to rearrange your photo order. I'm preparing to do a presentation to a client this afternoon and I need my renderings displayed in a prescribed line-up, not just all willy-nilly.
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    Yeah, this is a really bad issue. There is already a thread about it:

    Photos & Videos 3.0.2: is there a way to sort files/folders?

    I hate it, because it basically makes the whole gallery app useless. I also decided to complain to HP (through their support) about this, as I would consider ANY way to sort your files as a pretty basic functionality. Maybe more people should do this.

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    I just noticed that it displays images in the reverse order they were saved.

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