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    Hey everyone...I have seen many many threads on how to convert bluray and dvd rips to playable files on the Touchpad. What i havent seen is how to convert digital copies to play on the touchpad. I am talking about the digital copy that comes with a lot of bluray/dvd combo packs.

    I have a digital copy of Dark Knight on my computer that i had extracted using itunes a while back. It is an m4v file but it will not play on my touchpad. Any idea what i should use? I tried to convert it using handbrake but i couldnt get it to work.

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    You'll need to use a program to strip the DRM from the video. I don't believe handbrake is able to do that.
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    Any recommendations for this?
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    try "anydvd hd" to remove the drm
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    anydvd is like $100. Is there anything else?
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    Digital copies never worked on any of my devices. Not to mention I've received a few movies where the digital copy code cards didn't have the code printed. Plus, the digital copy codes expire a year after the movie's release date. Overall, not a fan of digital copies.

    If you have a Blu-ray drive in your computer, you can rip the disk with WinX Blu-ray Decrypter (free till Sept 15) or for DVDs use DVD Decrypter. Then convert the files with Handbrake using Handbrake Preset for Touchpad.

    EDIT: Also, The Dark Knight was one of the blu-rays I bought that had the code card without the code. Lucky for you that you got your code.
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    wont the kalemsoft player accept M4v files? i bought it to play all of my ripped movies that i had as divx files and its worked fines so far.
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    Any updates on this? I was about to ask the same question and found this thread.
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    Speaking of movies, is there anything for webOS that can play the *.pyv (Microsoft PlayReady) movies from Android MediaHub?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    You'll need to use a program to strip the DRM from the video. I don't believe handbrake is able to do that.
    Yeah, i agree with Orion. The Digital Copy, however, will not play on unauthorized devices due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection. Unfortunately the touchpad has not get a license to play DRM contents, which means Digital Copy movies will not even play on the webos tablet.

    If you really need to put Digital Copy to hp touchpad for personal use, the DRM remover ChewTune(only $29) will make free digital copy out of DRM-protected contents. To be honest, i am very satisfied with the program so far.
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    Very kewl I have to try this out

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    I use the free program "DVD Shrink". Works great

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