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    Has anyone with a Dreamhost email managed to get it working ? I've followed the wiki instructions, downloaded the cert, tried SSL and TLS with no joy. The settings work on my Win 7 PC and my Mac 10.6.8 but not on the TouchPad.
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    I downloaded the cert from
    NDN Certificate - DreamHost
    I copied this over to my TP over USB and then clicked the + sign at the bottom of the certificate manager on the TP. I then selected the file and told it to accept it.

    Then I had the domain mismatch error. To solve this I use nslookup. Goto
    KLOTH.NET - NSLOOKUP - DNS Look up - Find IP Address
    Enter your email domain in the first box (eg. Click 'Look it up' and at the bottom of the result box you will see an IP address. Copy and past this into the 'Domain' field and click 'Look it up' again. You will see a line in the results box that says 'name ='. Use this domain name for you incoming and outgoing server in mail setup.

    SSL worked for incoming. I have to choose TLS for outgoing.

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