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    is there any way to reduce lag and add more response when typing on the virtual keyboard?
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    according to this it's already one of the fastest keyboards out there.

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    over clock
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    One of the preware patches claims to dramatically improve response of the keyboard.

    Perhaps disabling the touch/ripple effect? Not positive that's the one, but one of the patches is supposed to effect better keyboard response.
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    I have a much faster keyboard than I did when I first bought it. I did over clock and removed the ripple effect. But this guy has some other things you can install from preware to further lessen the lag. All can be done without overclocking. Here's is his site:

    Make sure you luna restart everytime it tells you. I thought since I was going to install other things I would not luna restart until I was done. This caused the TP to freeze for about 5 minutes and eventually respond. Just luna restart to be on the safe side.

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