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    I'm running Synergy rom nightleys and I can send and recieve texts. The phone app tries to work but craps out after my Evo 3d's dialer pops up.
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    just to add to the BT profile stuff, this are the profiles that the TP loads for itself

    Initializing profile GAP
    Initializing profile BT Co-Existance Profile
    Initializing profile BT Test Mode
    Initializing profile hfp/hsp
    Initializing profile hf
    Initializing profile a2dp
    Initializing profile avrcp
    Initializing profile opp
    Initializing profile opps
    Initializing profile SPP
    Initializing profile mapc
    Initializing profile HID
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    I own a BLACKBERRY 9330 and i was able to send and receive phone calls with no issues! but the text sort of work... if u send an outgoing text from the TP to a phone the messages are delivered but when the person replies it only gets delivered to the phone...
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    Behold 2, finicky behavior, sometimes I'm able to place and receive calls, other times it will place the call on my phone but reports it is unable to connect. It is very random.
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    Works great. Got OC'd Touchpad working with iPhone 4. I have most of the performance patches installed and so far no conflicts except then lack of SMS which seems to be fairly common.
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    I have the HTC Sensation; texting works but unable to use the phone to dial or recieve calls. T-Mobile carrier. Andriod.
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    does anyone have a pre3 with internalz that can post a copy of the /vat/log/bt.log file after pairing with a touchpad and sending and receiving a call and a text please

    it would help to pin down what's needed on our phones in order for the "TP to Phone" link to work
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    My Results with Droid X:

    - Running rooted Gingerbread
    - Can pair and connect fine using freetether
    - Phone sees the TP & vice versa
    - Able to start a phone call from the TP. The phone dials and connects to the number
    - When the call connects, I get an error on the TP stating it cannot make the call and to use the phone itself. No audio. The phone keeps the call going with the Bluetooth button highlighted. So, the TP initiates the call on the DX but doesn't follow through.

    As for texting, I get the message from within the TP app that the phone is paired and I can message through it. I can send a message to the phone (from itself or another phone) and it appears on the TP, however I'm unable to send through the TP and have it appear on the phone.

    I love where this is heading. A huge thanks to the smart folks working on this. :-)
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    No go on the Epic 4g for me. Phone works sporadically but text does not work at all. If the Evo 3d does work I will be buying that phone next!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbie87 View Post
    How did you get them to pair? I turned on the BT for both devices but they don't find eachother
    It took me a good 3 trys. If you fail make sure restart the touchpad. No need for a full doctor. Start Bluetooth from free tether. I let it set for a second. Then put your phone in Bluetooth mode. Then open the Bluetooth settings page on touchpad. Now the touchpad should show up on your phone. Click connect from phone but don't click allow on the touchpad yet. Now click the first message on touchpad to allow. But not the second one. Go back to your phone and click connect again while the second message with the 6 digit number is still in the touchpad screen. It will pair in the background and click ok on touchpad.

    Hope that helps. It seems with Windows Phone, the phone has to initiate every step of the process. Otherwise the touchpad catches it.

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't see your post that you got it working. Good to hear.
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    Epic 4g I can receive phone calls on the TP, but can't send, and no go on txt too.
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    I have an OC'd TouchPad running Govnah and F15C (1.7 GHz), trying to connect my LG Optimus V (Android Gingerbread).

    My LG Optimus V cannot see the HP TouchPad at all. Ever after Luna Restart and Device Restart.

    I've done 100% exactly what the video has told me, but it cannot find my phone.

    Any solution?
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    I've got the Droid Charge (Samsung i510) and I have successfully tethered using WiFi Tether (beta version 3.1). You need to be rooted to use WiFi tether.
    Open WiFi Tether 3.1 go to Menu---Settings
    -Under "Device Profile". Change to Samsung Fascinate
    -Under "Setup Methods", ensure it is set to "Auto".

    You should be able to tether your Touchpad with your Charge.
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    Success with phone calls on Samsung Infuse 4G, outgoing does display an error message but the call still comes through the TP. Incoming works perfect. No text support yet.
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    My Rumor Touch on Virgin Mobile doesn't receive texts but can send. Phone calls work fine. Hoping someone smarter than me can please figure out how to tether to the internet.
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    I have an HTC Arrive running mango and I can confirm it works for calls, but if you get a text, it makes a call to the vm
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    I have a LG Vortex at Verizon, has anyone found out how it will do with texts and phone.
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    Im able to make and receive calls with my iPhone 4, thanks for this!
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    HTC Evo 4G: Connected (After a couple restarts on the phone and turning the bluetooth on and off, with freetether), But as of right now I can't use it to make phone calls or text.

    Iphone 4: Connected. Does make phone calls, but does not allow to text.

    Thank you!

    Also hooked up my wifes TP, LG Optimus T, but no calls and no texts.
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    evo 4g with cm7 connected but thats it, no calls or text. im running the f4 kernel oc'd to 1.8. damn it was worth a try

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