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    There are posts about this but not a big focus because 90 per cent of you are young with good eyes. Touchpad would be perfect for my needs if only there was a way to start with a bigger default zoom in the browser. This used to be problem on regular computer browsers but now every browser, even internet explorer, has a way to change the default. Changing the default font size would be great too but probably a much harder hack. I am already aware of, and use, the browser.conf file change that at least works to makes many mobile pages a good size but it doesn't work on most regular web sites. Pinching and zooming is to much of a pain when you have to do it every time. Surely there is a simple hack to make the default zoom 150% or 200% or something like that - almost every Android browser can do that.
    I realize this is not a priority for most of you but there are older people who use these things and every one of us (ok, I know, I can't really speak for everyone but am desperate for pity)would be grateful if someone would post a patch that would change the default zoom in the browser to something bigger.
    Hint - for some reason the default zoom in the glimpse browser widget when in full mode is slightly larger than the regular browser - how does glimpse do that?????
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    Okay, here's how you change the font size in the browser:

    Add this to the bottom of the file /etc/palm/browser-app-platform.conf:


    This file can be edited with Internalz Pro.

    browser-app-platform.conf overrides browser-app.conf, which has sizes of 8 and 14 for Min and Default fonts, respectively. You can try different sizes as desired.
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    I appreciate the advice but it doesn't seem to work on most web pages. The text size remains the same which is why it is really the default zoom that i think I need to change
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    this is already moving down the front page. I really hope someone will help.....
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    Did you try rebooting your machine?

    You should realize, though, that changing the config file only works if the web page does not specify a specific font size for the text of interest. If it does, you are out of luck.
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    I did reboot, it doesn't work on most pages. and I agree - most web pages must specify the text size which is why it is the default zoom I need to change not the default text size
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddLC View Post
    Add this to the bottom of the file /etc/palm/browser-app-platform.conf:

    Thanks for the tip. It has solved the default too low font size for, where I read most of the daily news!

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