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    I know there's been a lot of discussion on here as to which music streaming service is the best. Obviously that's going to be user opinion based. But there are a few that make the most sense and can provide you with the functions you need. My personal favorite

    Grooveshark, that being because it works in browser, you can find about any song you can think of, and it essentially free. There is also a webOs app, but it isnt Touchpad optimized, and in order to stream from that it requires Grooveshark Anywhere access. It's 9 bucks a month, or free if you're willing to do the surveys it sends you periodically. Another advantage to this is the ability to create offline playlists which is nice if you're out and about in places without a wifi connection. You also have are able to upload your own music as well, which is good if you want to feel like you're contributing, but it is not required at all.

    Google Music is another really good service, with this again you have the ability to take your music wherever you go, listen to it from any computer, and it starts you out with a good number of songs based on your likes/dislikes. The disadvantage of though is if you want your music on there, you either have to upload all of your music to it which can be a long process or if you use icktunes/windows media player you can upload directly from those(as well as whatever folders you have music in on your computer). Currently Google music is still in Beta, but I'm sure you could be able to find someone that has an invite/try to get an invite yourself. It is the best option if you're looking for a online storage place for all your music.

    Amazon Cloud Player is also very good, this one differs in the fact it allows you to purchase whatever songs/cds you like. Just as the others, you have the ability to stream them from any computer, but it does give you one perk that the others don't. Since you are paying for the content, you can legally download and burn it. With it being Amazon there are always deals to be had on a lot of the best selling songs, top cds, and new releases. They give you 5 gb to start, with the ability to add more(20gb all the way up to 1000gb) depending on what you're willing to pay.

    All three of these work in TP browser at present. They also all offer apps for android. There's a thread in here detailing how to add Amazon MP3 to the TP, I would link to it, but after reading so many threads one loses track. The Grooveshark webOs app is great for any of the pre phones, but until someone can optimize it for the TP, the browser is your best option.

    If you have any thoughts or opinions on these services post about it. If you have other services you like and think others might like them as well bring them up. The best consumer is an informed consumer. But of course it's ultimately user preference. Thanks for reading.
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    audiogalaxy is easily the best for music and works great right through the browser. For streaming from your home computer, nothing else is close to as good. Makes orb seem like garbage.
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    I think I'm going to retract my vote for Orb
    I had used it before but just tried it on my TP ... I can get all my files to appear but my music will not get past buffering/clocking and never plays
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    if you don't mind paying the $10 monthly charge for a premium acct. Spotify is hands down the best. Any song any time. Works great on the TP and my pre-
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    No Pandora, Slacker, Last.FM, or Rhapsody?
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    Google Music works well until the TP goes to sleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayray333 View Post
    if you don't mind paying the $10 monthly charge for a premium acct. Spotify is hands down the best. Any song any time. Works great on the TP and my pre-
    But doesn't work well on the Veer at all. Won't stream over AT&T's HSPA+, and doesn't sound anywhere near as good as Pandora when streaming.

    Works great on the TP, though, once you go through that hacked setup procedure! Sounds fantastic.
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    Those services are good to just play music from a specific artist and like sounding, but if you want to be able to pick the actual song and not just the artists. Those are the ones I would recommend.

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