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    I'm curious as to what kind of wifi performance other people are getting with the Touchpad. I have a dlink dir-655 router set to N-only. Netspeed HD says that I'm getting around 10000 kbps down, which is not much. shows even less. My wan speed is the 50 megabit down and 10 up. Every other computer in the house shows a much faster connection using

    Is this the kind of performance that you guys are seeing?

    I've tried various router settings without any improvements.
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    Well Ive only got 10mbit internet at my place, but I get the same results on on my PC and TouchPad both. My router is set to b/g/n mode though, and your internet is far faster than mine, so i dunno if theres some sort of bandwidth limit on the thing or not.
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    I've got a 40 megabit down connection....3 megabit up, and I can get about 22 down on the Touchpad at, but the actual browsing speed seems much slower. I doubt there is a "limiter" on it, but something definitely prevents it from handling much speed at one time. That said, the range on the Touchpad wi-fi seems quite impressive.

    My router is a Netgear N600 and is set to G and N.
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    I even tested my wife's touchpad and got the same download speed. I've read in other parts of the forum about the ongoing wifi issues, but I don't know if this is related. That said, I do in fact appear to be having the same issue that's commonly reported in this forum (intermittent connection to the router). Many people having that issue also report using a Dlink DIR-655 router.

    I even connected to a neighbors linksys G-router (unsecured) and got faster speeds. I'm pretty certain that they don't have the premium WAN connection that I have either.

    This is frustrating because I'm using Kalemsoft Media player. Lower resolution videos stream just fine, but 720p MKV files buffer constantly. This shouldn't occur with an N connection.
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    There is a download limiter actually. Read the "get started" guide that's at the top of the forum.

    If you add preware, you can get an app called unthrottle download manager, which will probably make a big difference.
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    I have the unthrottle download manager app installed. I tested it with and without the patch. The speeds were worse without the patch.
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    I would recommend using the same internet speed test tool/website when doing the speed tests. I
    I tried some of the Touchpad apps for the speed test and they were mostly misleading.
    When I did the test using the results were quite similar (7.5Mbps vs 7.44Mbs with iPhone vs Touchpad).
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    touchpad 19.60 down 4.01 up 31ms ping

    laptop 18.72 down 3.72 up 16ms ping

    Comcast is isp, touchpad and laptop (also wireless) on same comcast netgear router (B & G only, it has no N)
    TP has unthrottle download patch & uberkernal 1.5
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