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    hey guys. I'm currently typing on my touchpad woo.

    I've been having issues with flash, specifically on Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

    I've disabled logging, installed all the patches, and overclocking to 1.5ghz

    when running the game, it works until right before the battle starts. Then it sits on a gray screen. Has anyone else had issues with flash on sites? Any fixes? Maybe if I overclock to 1.9?
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    remove the logging patches and see if that helps?
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    Actually I removed the custom kernal and now flash videos play better

    Also max blocker made some videos stutter a bit

    there is a problem that needs to be addressed, flash plugin needs optimization really
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    Without the custom kernals or anything, the content loads slower for me and freezes on the same gray screen. The game works on my windows machine.

    Overclocking and such made it better but still has issues.
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    I've been lurking about a little bit, just wanted to chime in that I am encountering the same exact issue as the OP. Was there ever a final resolution? I am going to try the initial fixes the OP tried tonight after work and see if that it helps at all.

    edit: yup, still the same issue after trying the same steps the OP did
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