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    just got the email, I bought one for $120.00 and they are going to cancel it..
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    the club has many members sadly.
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    yea I got the same email today... Kind of upset about it I kind of wish that they would give me the option to just wait till they come in.
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    Dagnabbit. If I knew this I would have signed up for the HP Store notification. Now I have an extra Case and Touchstone coming, with no Touchpad to use for them. At least they announced making more, and I hope I can get in on one more Firesale purchase, but this is discouraging. They have been very good communicating throughout the process via emails and Facebook updates (in fact they mentioned HP making more before I heard it officially anywhere else).

    They did mention a $50 ebay coupon (unsure if it is for any ebay seller or only Datavis) but another $50 back might lower the overall cost of my 1st TouchPad close to zero after all the rebates, price difference matching, app store credits and makegood freebies.
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    Up to $50
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    BS, they should have refunded my money already. I will be leaving negative feedback. they tied up my cash for 2 weeks just to cancel my order.
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    If any consolation I purchased from them for 350 on the pre firesale sale.
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    So I've been trolling the eBay pages to see what the TP's were going to level off at price wise..

    There had routinely been thousands available for sale last week, of either variety (16GB/32GB).

    Today when I checked @ 8:02PM PST.. there were less than 400 16GB models and a little over 400 32GB models left for sale.

    It seemed like everyone and their mother was flipping these (not to mention the people who bought 10+!), so I wonder if the resellers are running out of product, and most people who have the TP now actually (shock) WANT the TP?

    Since stores have been mostly out for a week+ now, and with many online places are finally canceling their orders, I wonder if the prices will go up or down from here?
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    Probably too much to ask for, but has anyone who got a Touchpad from Datavis for $350 heard anything about a possible price adjustment?
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    Can't believe they are going for $250 on eBay. I has my two Dataviz orders cancelled and still have the two HP cases coming in from CostCentral. I already promised my kids their own tablets. Bummer.

    I'm just glad I just received my 32 GB units from HP today (at the $150 fire sale price).

    I'm on the HP notification list. Hopefully, we will all have another chance at the $99 price.
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