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    I have noticed that the display on the left side (when the camera is on top and the center button is on bottom) has what appears to have six lights projecting out across the screen. Between the lights, its darker. I don't know if I am describing this well... it looks like lights trying to illuminate the entire screen, but it comes off looking uneven.

    Given the supply shortage, I am not anxious to have to ship this back. So... is this common amongs the TouchPads out there?

    UPDATE: seems to be less apparent when I turn the brightness up (I turned it down to extend battery length). Changed the wallpaper and turned up the brightness and its a lot less noticeable. Also even less noticeable if I turn off auto dim. I am mow guessing this is probably is common with the display that HP went with.
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    I think you're describing backlight bleeding.

    It's a common problem with non-high-end LCD displays. Even the iPad suffers from this. If you buy something like an $800 monitor then it's likely that the manufacturer will cherry pick a panel that does not suffer from bleeding to use, but for a panel that costs maybe $50 to build, a few imperfections that many consumers will not notice will be acceptable to ship.

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