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    Hi everyone.

    I just got a new Touchpad (Surprise!) and I'm trying to get some synchronization going on. I'm usually pretty savvy and resourceful, but after doing some searches I cannot figure out what's going on.

    First of all, I primarily use iCal and address book on snow leopard to sync with my iPhone. I have multiple calendars and I really want to keep it that way. I knew there was no direct way to sync with my Touchpad so I tried the following:

    I used Spanning Sync to sync my iCal to my Google Calendar. (Trial as for now, I will buy if everything works). For example iCal - Work > Google - Work, iCal - Personal > Google - Personal. Everything syncs between iCal and Google calendar great. All my calendars are separated and they update each other. Good job Spanning Sync!

    Then I add my gmail account to my Touchpad, I put in the password, it says syncing... it syncs successfully and I look at the calendar and it SEEMS to be working. It shows all my calendars on top, they are all showing and not hidden BUT. It doesn't show all of my events. For example, my "Work" calendar doesn't show any events at all. But there are definitely events to be shown. I have a calendar for my bills, that shows fine for months and months, but nothing else.

    What gives? Is there a limit on calendars? I can't find anywhere that says there is. I know there are threads for calendar issues but I don't want to hijack anyone else's thread, I feel that this issue is a bit specific. Any help would be appreciated. Everything is working lovely EXCEPT my calendar. Boo!
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    You ever figure this out? I have same problem on TP, but same accounts on Pre+ work fine.
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    I was using Spanning Sync and it seemed to work fine for awhile. Then all of a sudden one of my calendars dropped off. I don't really understand what's going on but my iCal looks fine, my google cal looks fine, and my iPhone is fine... But when I open the touchpad calendar it always seems like one calendar is missing even though everything says it's syncing okay. Whatever... = /

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