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    For the reasons below, I would like the WebOs Browser to support "scrolling" the standard website for Gmail and Google Docs.

    1) GMAIL - I want to use the standard website because it offers A) conversation view & B) the ability to send and reply from different email addresses. Neither the mobile website, basic HTML or the native email app support both of the above.

    The mobile website shows conversation view but not the ability to send an email from other accounts. The "load basic HTML" version of gmail also does not allow choosing which email to send or reply from. The email app on the Touchpad allows you to send from different accounts but there is no conversation view, plus an email sent (a reply) from the TP app does not show up in the conversation thread on the standard gmail website.

    2) GOOGLE Docs - Open documents used to scroll properly until I updated to 3.02, now when scrolling a document the text gets highlighted as you scroll down. I know Quick Office supports editing and I upgraded but it is not rendering my documents properly.

    Can the TP browser be tweaked so that the standard Gmail & Googe Docs website scrolls properly?

    This would add major functionality to the TP. I hope someone can help!
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    Yeah, this is a big problem on several sites. There is at least a workaround with Google Docs: if you switch to the new Google Docs, you'll get a small scrollbar on the right. Still not proper scrolling, but it makes the site much more useable.
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    The google docs "new look" allows better scrolling for documents (thanks for the tip) but not spreadsheets. Now if we can get the gmail site scrolling!

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