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    I d'ont know if it's normal , but the rotation lock dont work when you start most of the games.

    First, I know some games are displayed in landscape mode and others are in portrait mode. Games like Angry Bird, Need for speed, always defaults to landscape with the speakers towards the bottom.

    Do someone know how to disable that default rotation when a game start ?

    The problem is that when the speakers are at the bottom, my headphone connector is right where I put my left hand to hold the Touchpad.Because I use Headphone whit a straight hard 1/8 jack, I have to pass the 1/8 connector throught 2 fingers and it's very annoying when I play a game.And if I hold the Touchpad above the headphone input, it doesnt feel right. It"s really uncomfortable.

    If I could disable that rotation, I would be able to play games whit the speakers on top and the headphone jack would be on the upper right side. The cable and connector of the headphone would not bother me anymore and my problem would be solved.

    Do someone know a patch that could solve this problem or i'm the only one who think that's a real problem ???

    ps: I use Sony MDR-7506 Headphone

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    It's a problem (IMO). This complaint has been posted in several threads. I think it could easily be remedied by having software reverse the channels when the TouchPad is in a particular orientation.

    They should have locked the entire UI to those two orientations instead of having 360 degrees of orientation in some parts and the orientation locked in others.
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    Hi, beardedspoooon,

    So no one ever create a patch for this problem even if it's a issue for alot of people !!!
    I'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who think that's really an odd problem and HP should have notice this problem in the development process... By the way, I ask the same question in the Webos Buzz forum but no ones seems to have that issue. I search for a patch in Preware but I found nothing. Like you i'm sure it could be solve easily.
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    I just tried two games of the same kind :

    SOLITAIRE by 'Softtick LTD' and SOLITAIRE by 'Minego'

    The SOLITAIRE by 'Minego' stay at the right position, Speaker up and the headphone input on the upper right side when I orient the Touchpad in this position, yeah !!!

    So it looks like it's not a problem from the Touchpad itself but the way Games are initialise by the Touchpad. If this Homebrew works great it probably mean that this problem could be resolve throuht a game software update...
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    Well, yeah, it's not that anything is broken. It would just make sense to allow for use in either orientation.

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