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I just hope that webos doesn't go down in history as being another one of those proprietary OS, of wich the proprietor won't release the source code for unknown reasons. I hope possibly that if hp ends up not using webos that they will release the source code for community developers. I think it would be a great os for tablets and netbooks. Maybe even getting a debian package manager. Hopefully webos doesn't end up becoming like HPUX, something Hp offers as proprietary, closed and not developed by the community to make it better. Sad to say as much as I enjoyed my pre, virgin had a better deal than sprint for unlimted data: $25 mo. Lg optimus does more than the pre on android, no flash though, o'well. Might not have switched if that pre3 had ever come out for sprint.
I realy enjoyed webos before Hp, time to move on.
HP isn't calling all the shots. See http://forums.precentral.net/hp-webo...-hardware.html