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    I have unlimited data on my pre- with bell and I also have free tether. I know that if I use free tether too much with my laptop that Bell may notice and charge me because tethering is not allowed. I read somewhere that is has something to do with the way the different browsers operate re: webOS browser and Windows web browser. I guess one uses a lot more data but there is something else to it as well. I just can't remember what it is. My question to you is: will Bell be able to tell the difference between the browser use on my phone and the browser use on my TP. They are essentially the same aren't they? One will, of course use up more data but will they be able to tell from there end that it is on a tablet and not just excessive use on my phone? I wanna use tablet and freetether away from home but don't want to get busted tethering! I use ot very very sparingly with my laptop.

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    other than heavy data usage, they probably cant tell.

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