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    'Dead' HP tablet comes back to life with help of hackers, deal-seekers -

    CNN) -- For a "dead" gadget, the HP TouchPad keeps showing remarkable signs of life.
    Nearly two weeks after Hewlett-Packard announced that it was discontinuing mobile devices and dramatically slashed the price of the TouchPad, customers are hunting them with renewed zeal.


    More in the story linked above. Interesting.
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    That was the best Touchpad story I have seen since it first debutted. Totally awesome reporting. I wonder what the future holds for webOS on tablets. Right now with the update to QuickOffice and improvements to the Kindle app I am extremely happy. I hope the next update brings more 3D games like Armageddon Squadron II.
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    I stopped reading when he said webOS was dead. Their is a whole division at HP that would disagree.
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    Interesting and at least HP is getting some primetime headlines. Take what we can get! Sorli...

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