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    I signed up to and want to be able to stream movies to my TP. A question I had is I have previously ripped DVDs and within the folder of that movie it will contain a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. Then within the VIDEO_TS folder it will have the .IFO and .VOB files to be able to play the movie in softwares such PowerDVD, etc. or burn these files to a DVD-R to make a backup copy of the dvd and be able to play the disc in a standalone dvd player)

    So my question is If I have these movie folders listed under my Orb account to be able to access from my TP will I be able to stream these movies to my TP or not? Or only content that is one file with extensions of .mp4, .avi, etc.?

    When I use a software like PowerDVD I just open the movie folder and select the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and that will start the movie.

    So do I have to convert these files somehow to 1 .mp4 file to be able to access these movies from my desktop?

    Any feedback?
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    I think you need to convert, I don't think Touchplayer or Kalak player support VOB files.
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    there is a setting under your online orb where you can change the video output to be mp4 or something. Read the last paragraph here.

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