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    I just changed back to palmdefault (1.2). I'll test it for couple of days and see if I get lags/freezes. If I'm ok with this, I may try the 1.7 OC and see how it goes.
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    I had this for a while, overclocking helped... it still randomly happens and usually lasts for 1-2 seconds... something else I have noticed, the physical buttons still work, just the touchscreen becomes unresponsive.
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    I actually removed the Zagg screen protector thinking that's making my screen unresponsive. I like the feel of glass better than the sticky feeling Zagg had and feel it's a little better but we'll see.
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    Just a quick update for those who were also experiencing the random 5 second freezes after overclocking to 1.5Mhz... It has been two days now since reverting back to the Palm profile of 1.2Mhz and I still have yet to experience a single freeze on my touchpad. I have to conclude that there may be a problem with overclocking that some people experience, although it is odd that not everyone is experiencing this with the overclock.

    If anyone else has had this problem and alleviated it I would be interested to hear. I may start to mess around with other overclocking options to see if there is a more stable way to stay at 1.5Mhz.

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    i too have the freezing and i DID NOT do the cpu upgrade

    edit: i did all the tweaks mentioned
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    i figured it happens on the chat app, both on skype and gtalk. happened twice today. but that is the only app i got this problem.
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    will jstop clean the memory?
    HP Touchpad 32GB , Treo 650, Treo 600
    webOS 3.0.4
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    Same problem here on 3.0.2 - 3 - 5 sec freeze - started after I installed the 1.5ghz kernel and Govnah (though it could have been just a coincidence).
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    Try setting it back to 1.2Ghz in Govnah, reset Luna and then see if you continue to have the freeze.

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    This happens to me all the time, though it'll usually last 5-10 seconds. During this time the app I'm in will be completely unresponsive to any taps and swipes. I'm still able to go into card view and open the main menu though. I can even open up new apps, so it's not a complete system freeze.

    It's extremely annoying. WebOS is a POS in terms of optimization. All this power in the tablet yet it still has such huge performance issues.
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    I don't know if this applies to the touchpad, but from another thread we have discovered that turning off backup solves freezing problems on pre2.

    I had very bad problems with freezing and too many cards and now its good since I turned off automatic backup
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    I get a lot of freeze ups too many like 2-5 secs, mostly when browsing with webosnews app or when I have a couple apps open.
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    I'm on 3.0.2, recommended patches, UberKernel and Govnah @ 1.5; I've also encountered browsing slowdowns and hiccups. Once, I actually encountered a msg that I had too many cards open and to close them.

    I'm rolling back to 1.2 in Govnah to see if that helps. Could this be an issue with the UberKernel or the speed/overheating?
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    Experiencing the same. Going back to the Palm default in Govnah.
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    Had the same problem with 4-7 second freezes on 1.5ghz oc'ed TP with UK. Even while reading a page in an ebook (600mb pdf) and just wanting to turn to the next page, it froze, so flash can't be the problem.

    Temporary fix for me:
    Changed "sampling rate" in Govnah to 0.1s. No freezes sice.
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    I have the same problem and same patches on my TP. I was thinking it was probably my wireless provider but I can see now its not. I will try the 1.2 for awhile as well. Thanks everyone!
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    The Touchpad DOES freeze every now and again. Tried to edit a YouTube video? It WILL freeze up. "Too many cards open". Even though there's only one card open.
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    has anyone found a solution for this problem? My girlfriend was complaining about this today that her touchpad freezes in the web browser, my touchpad however is fine we both have the same patches the only difference is mine is overclocked but that doesn't seem to be the solution judging by this thread.
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    I have preware & patches but no overclocking (stock kernel) and have this issue. It seems like it just started a week or so ago.
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    This was happening to my touchpad too. After reading this thread I decided to try not over clocking anymore and go back to the palm default profile in govnah. I still have uberkernel running though.

    Anyway so far, so good. This seems to have put a stop to the random freezing I was experiencing, which was getting pretty annoying.
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