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    Hi all,

    Just got my Touchpad last week, and i'm a huge fan. A few days ago, I had my TP and my iPhone 3GS sitting relatively close to each other when I got a phone call, which I let ring and go to voicemail. A few seconds later, the Touchpad started ringing, showing some odd string of characters as the caller. I ignored it, but a minute later it called back and I answered. I was half awake so I don't remember what was said, but an automated voice started talking and giving instructions. I've attached my TP phone log, and based on the caller coming from "osx" it definitely was the iPhone.

    All of this is strange, especially because I have bluetooth turned off on both devices. Any idea what could be happening here?
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    This is unrelated to your iPhone. It is a common spammer call on Skype.

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