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    XorgTools is a great supplement to the touchpad! I grabbed it after reading the wiki entry for IOBOX But something for me was missing. I come from Android world where using meant I could sync my touchpad with my NAS file server. IObox _sort of_ does that but includes the process of pushing files back to my nas, not something I particularly wanted to do.

    Attached is a modified version of that syncs ONE way (to the destination you setup using the "xt iob" application.)

    It does not delete anything on your local touchpad and only brings things over from the destination. For copying videos and music on the go this is what I use.

    **Added bonus: xorgtools' implementation of iobox comes with a scheduler for this. So it can sync nightly. Check out xt iob for more details


    Get SSH working on your touchpad
    Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals
    (If you can't figure this out, read harder.)

    Once you've logged in to your touchpad follow the directions here:

    Once your share is all setup (proven by you being able to move things from a share to your touchpad) replace the file in

    with the one inside this zip file (so.. unzip the zip file.)
    (rm -rf, and then just copy it over to that directory using a usb wire and internalz.)

    run xt iob from the ssh session
    then run isn
    You you should then be able to sync one way... if this works you'll be told to do a happy dance. Also you should be able to see your media in the /media/internal/iobox/ directory.

    Caveats: Make sure you're either on stock kernel or UberKernel 3.0.2-36 or higher (for CIFS and NFS are not supported on earlier uberkernel versions)

    My instructions might suck a bit. Sorry. I'm celebrating with a glass of wine. Questions are welcomed.
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