So after the 3.0.2 update the auto-brightness bug was fixed, however the TP seems incredibly yellow and dim to me. The TP at full brightness is about half as strong as the maximums of an Ipad 2 or even my laptop screen. It is possible that I received a defective screen, but Iím not sure. The Touchpad has the same screen as the Ipad 2 so I figure it's possible HP may have limited the brightness in order to save battery life. The yellowing has me concerned that HP may have used different suppliers for the TP screen and I was an unlucky one. I prefer the blue-ish whites. So does anyone think it would be possible to create a patch, which would be similar to the low brightness limit patch, that would insted increase the maximum brightness?

BTW the starting digits of my Touchpad serial are 5CL121. Maybe there is a corrolation of some sort.