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    I am in my yahoo email, hold my finger on the picture and click 'copy to photos'.

    I receive an error, 'error saving image'.

    any ideas?
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    also, how do I turn off auto-correct?
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    For auto-correct, Launcher==>Settings-->Text Assist. I haven't played with the Touchpad enough yet to answer your first question, but Auto Correct was one of the first things I turned off (like I do on every device I own. )
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    I noticed after saving some photos from google image, the photo app would act weird. Instead of the photo, I got a small square. I used the file manager and deleted the photo manually. Saving the image as new wallpaper seemed to work fine though.
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    Are there any strange characters in the filename for the photo? Does it end with the proper file extension?
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    I think so but since TP doesn't give you an option to change name I can't save certain files safely.

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