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    why is my touchpad still at 100% an hour and a half after use? I just got my TP a few days ago and after heavy data use, initially, got about 13%/hr battery drain. I charged overnight and I am still at 100% after more than an hour and a half. As much as I love my TP this cannot be possible. Any ideas?
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    You have an awesome battery yo!
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    Mine is the same way. In fact I unplugged it from the charger, left for 5 or 6 hrs, and it was at 100. After an hour of use it was at 98%. I do have the screen brightness lower, I don't know if that helps during use or not. When I get electronics I like to charge them and deplete the battery once, it took well over 24 hrs to get it below 20%, and I went to sleep with a 2 hr video. I LOVE it and hope it keeps up.
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