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    There is a buzzing sound coming from the right speaker on my touchpad. The speaker will buzz or make a ringing sound constantly unless there is some sound coming from an app or general touchpad sounds. When music or sounds play, the speakers work perfectly fine. The problem comes when no sound is being produced. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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    I think I'm having the same issue or something like it. I get a buzzing from the speaker sometimes when I throw an app away or just randomly with nothing happening.
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    i had the same buzz when i throw away an app and its from just the left speaker. Also the left speaker the sound is less compared to the right. anyone else have that happenÉ
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    I have the same problem on the right speaker. The buzzing sound comes on while I'm typing or loading and throwing away application. It also comes on randomly
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    had the same problem. disapeard after a couple of days. since 3 day no problems
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    Called Support yesterday and ran through some diagnostic test on the touchpad and they determined it to be a Hardware problem with the right speaker and needs to be repaired because music comes out of the left speaker without problems. I am going to wipe everything and doctor it and if it still doesn't work (which I don't think it will but I need to wipe my data anyways) then I'll send it in for repairs.

    Seems to be a quality issue!

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