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    Sprint pre- user here. I now know how Kup felt when he saw Optimus steam roll over several decepticons on his way to giving Megatron that two fisted uppercut.** If it wasn't for that fool Rodimus Prime (in this case HP) Optimus wouldn't be on his back at the surgery table passing the leadership of matrix onto that incompetent Ultra Magnus (ie the highest bidder).* Stop reading if you don't know what movie I'm referencing.

    Well enough of the analogies.* Touchpad has really made a difference.* Like most old school webos users we've fought, argued, complained and quit only to return on several occassions.* It's like we are in a new universe.* Webos is steam rolling its way in mindshare.* My regular rant posts about webos are being overlooked by new posts by new webos users (weebies).* Saw a report that touchpad ads are almost equal to all Android tablets combined in just 10 days.* Saw that hulu was accessible at launch only to be blocked now that TP and webos is popular.* My brother wanted to know when TP will be availalble again even though he doesn't have the internets at his house.* Saw my cuz remove his ebay ad for a TP he bought during firesale even though he has a galaxy tab.* On twitter iphone and ipad users post about how great webos is even though they still like their "i" products better.

    It's a weird ride we're on.* Everyone seems to like webos and most fault HP for screwing things up so badly.* It's like I don't have anything to grip about now since webos is really on a roll.* Scratch that.* Being a sprint pre- users we can always find something to complain about.* SMS doesn't work.* Netflix isn't there.* We still don't have a webos phone on sprint.* Webos is still in limbo until HP decides on what it wants to do.
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    32gb tp owner and still rockin the pre- and trying to find a good price on a pre 2 for a frankenpre. im going to keep Webos alive as long as possible.
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    and another thing... While its great that select all and copy/paste finally works in evernote, I didn't realize until this post that that pasting from evernote leaves asterisks after every sentence.
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    was a pre- user until this week, had to jump to the darkside (i.e. Android) couldn't wait any longer. Still rocking my 32gb TP though!

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