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    I'm about to get on a long plane ride and was curious, is there a charger for the Touchpad that can use the cigarette lighter inputs like so many planes have. I have one for my Pre2 but being a bit of a novice I wanted to ask before using that. I won't want to fry my Touchpad.
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    the one for your pre should work. If it's less than 2 amps, it will be a slow charge.
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    most of those are gone & replaced with A/C...see
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    I used my TouchPad power cable on a Virgin America flight (regular plug) and found that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I don't know if it was a bad outlet or if it was the voltage.
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    I fly often enough and haven't seen a cigarette lighter on a plane in years.
    as mentioned above will tell you what's available.
    Continental planes sometimes have outlets (regular outlets) beneath the seats too.

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