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    I just opened my new hp touchpad and as far as I can tell the center/home button doesn't work. It does nothing when I press it at the home screen or in an app. Took me for ever to figure out I can swipe up to get out of an app when I was stuck in one. Hp me had me do an erase of it which didn't help, then they had me do the doctor update which is still going at the moment. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    nope I didnt ....might be a hardware problem
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    I don't have that issue but I'm trying to not use the home button as much. I recently had to have my iphone4 replaced due to worn out home button. With TP, I hardly use the home button.
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    Exactly the same problem. Had it sent to hp under warranty and recieved it back today, with exactly the same problem. So annoying.
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    I had that with my ipod after a while and i had to jailbreak it so I can swipe up to close an app!

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