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    to work on my lap top if it does happen to work it does see my touch pad when hooked up to the computer
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    its basically freezing up and not working, sometime it just shows the lil black box for the start of the web OS program and never does anything else

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    no help guys ? webOS starts to open but never does anything. after clearing my down loads out of my down load folder and re download it and re download novacomd the program will start but it doesnt see my touch pad
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    after I download webos 3.0.2 what file am I looking for to make it run on my pc? I want to update the web Os I have,because I was sold the last demo unit at radio shack. Help.
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    Are you looking for the links & instructions to download WebOS Doctor?
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    Web OS is an operating system for the Touchpad and the Pre/Veer/Pixi line of phones. It is a linux-based language that is not meant to run laptops.

    If you're talking about WebOS QuickInstall, or WebOS Doctor, those are programs that run on your computer to allow you access to your WebOS device.
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    What is this I don't even

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