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    Anyone else get an HP TouchPad with a screen that's got a pink hue? I ordered a 16gb and have been playing with it for a week. Got a 32GB in the mail yesterday and fired it up. I immediately noticed the screen has a pinkish hue to it. White balance is off.

    As an example, the stock background wallpaper is blue. ON the 32GB device it's almost purple. All white screens show up as off-white/pinkish.
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    I don't have that problem, but I have two Touchpads now and I've noticed that screen on the second one is much more vibrant with richer colors
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    Yeah I've seen a bunch of Touchpads now. Wild variation in hue/saturation/brightness levels. Poor QC on the screens.
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    I have 3 x 32-GB TouchPads, and 2 x 16GB TouchPads. The 16GB TouchPads are noticeably dimmer / off-white compared to the 32GB models.
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    I also have two 32GB models and one has a pink hue. The other has one spot that appears much lighter then the rest of the screen when viewing a light background...say the Bluetooth preferences. Maybe the hue difference is best so I can tell mine apart from the wife's.
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    I got a refurbished tablet from HP today in the mail, to replace my original one that had a crack by the speaker. When it got here i compared them side by side, and the refurb had like a purple tint compared to my original one. it made everything look more dim, and the wallpapers all had this purple tint to it. I called them..returned it back ..and i'm waiting for my new one
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    Yes, HP sourced LCD panels from at least 2 suppliers. One seems to be calibrated at a "cool" color temperature and the other has a much "warmer" calibration. I have 2 23GB's that are the same way, one cool and one warm. I can't really tell the difference unless they are side by side.

    The above has been seen in other tablets and phone, as well. Even regular PC monitors are like this but usually include calibration tools to modify the display. If ony the Touchpad's had such a tool...

    If the colors are drastically different then it's a defect, though.
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    Is there any way to calibrate the color to make it cooler?
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    My screen is pink

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