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    I have a Verizon 4G smartphone. Thanks to the hurricane, I lost power, internet, water, gas,
    and landline phone.

    Good thing I turned on Verizon's mobile hotspot so my Touchpad could at least get internet
    access. It worked great, but I'm concerned about the range. I left the phone in the bedroom
    and the Touchpad was still able to pick up its wifi signal from the front door.(about 80 feet
    away, through 6 interior walls) My smartphone's wifi actually has twice the range of
    my Linksys wireless router, which is also in the same bedroom.

    I'm concerned because it probably means my phone is using too much battery power.
    Or is the Touchpad using too much power to pick up the phone's wifi signal?
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    The antenna power is controlled by your phone not the touchpad. My android has a signal level adjustment in the rooted wifi hotspot app.

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