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    Consider this:

    HP created a sizable userbase for webOS with the firesale. They gave $50 in app credit to early adopters. Now they are offering free promo codes to users. These promo codes are great for the developers. But here's what I think they are really doing: Making webOS more desirable for purchase or licensing.

    What if Samsung DOES decide to buy webOS? They will have an operating system with a big userbase, and now that all these people got great deals on tons of apps, people will ask themselves, "why would I switch platforms when I already have all these great apps that I got for free? I would have to buy everything all over again. Maybe I should stick to webOS for my next device...

    ...which another manufacturer now has the perfect opportunity to provide. Seems like the webOS team is making the most of this. Good work!
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    I could see Samsung buying it for the UI elements. I have a hard time imagining them adopting a different OS entirely. Who knows though, with that news about South Korea wanting a homegrown OS, maybe purchasing webOS would be a quickway to get a headstart.

    I suppose this thread is in the wrong forum.
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    One can always have hopes and dreams...

    HP killed any hope of mine for future webOS hardware
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    HP may have dropped the ball in their initial debut & seemingly killed webOS's refresh under HP,almost like they ignored where Palm gaffed, but I have got to hand it to them in burning no or very few bridges- full refunds, pricematching early adopters to firesale prices, extended returns, 50 $ app credits, making up firesale price for retailers, promo app codes.

    They are at least not skimping on things to give anyone much reason to get ****ed at them in terms of screwing people that bought it at full price feeling duped & watching everyone scoop them up at next to nothing. Hell they are even making more to clear out the parts already ordered & get even larger base of users. With how many I've spotted in the last week, I have to think they will sell at least above 2 mil.. BB had 250,000 alone & said their last stock went out the 24th & that's it.. But who knows!?
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    MMMM....SAMOLED+ WebOS.....yes please.
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    I was telling the iOS obsessed developers at PAX to support WebOS and they all snickered at me.

    Clearly they did not understand the huge new game starved market they have.

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