View Poll Results: What do you have working on the TouchPad as a Comcast/Xfinity customer?

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  • I have both HBO GO & Comcast's working.

    3 3.80%
  • I have HBO GO working through my Comcast subscription.

    20 25.32%
  • I have working.

    2 2.53%
  • I have neither service currently working on the device.

    54 68.35%
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    I know there's a thread where some people are finding HBO Go working on the TouchPad and some are not, but I'm trying to isolate this to either being a provider specific issue or individual TouchPad specific issue.

    I have Comcast Xfinity, and at present, neither HBO GO or Comcast's website are working for me on the TouchPad.

    HBO Go: One of two things happen. It either sticks for me on "Optimizing Video" and refuses to the load the video or more recently, it reports back that my "GO ID is currently in use on another device"- I've seen this message twice now. Maybe once out of every ten or so tries, it will however play the video. On I can't even log in to begin trying to watch a video. It comes up with an error on the TocuhPad that the page is not found when attempting to sign in. It seems the browser redirect page that Comcast has set up to tell me that I am on an unsupported browser breaks the sign in link. I attempted going directly to the sign in page, by putting in the URL for the page that I could see on my computer's URL bar, however after entering in my login, it starts an endless redirect loading page cycle and never quite finishes signing in.

    So, with that said, how many of you with Comcast are able to get HBO Go working sucessfully on the device? How many of you are able to get working on the device?
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    I've added a poll to this to get a little bit of a better idea. Please respond guys!
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    I am watching boardwalk empire right now, don't know what fancast is. You have to have a really strong signal to stream this stuff. Is there a app for checking your wireless signal. I may have to upgrade to a really powerful wifi router so that it doesn't pause to buffer so much.
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    weird problems. Logged in last week, got stuck on the optimizing video wheel. Now I can't log in (I'm on Cox) and get this message-

    "HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL"
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    HBO go is weird on the touchpad. I got it to work by loading a video, then while that video was stuck on optimizing I opened another card and navigated to the same site, leaving the first card open. It would then start to play but would stop after a minute or two and never come back. Weird
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    I got it to work randomly, but was a frustrating experience. I think it needs better HTML 5 support in the next upgrade. Is the processor up to the task? A lot of video stuff just seems to lag.
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    does it behave differently when trying it at home. They filter out non-comcast IP addresses so it won't work away from the home with the HBO subscription.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    does it behave differently when trying it at home. They filter out non-comcast IP addresses so it won't work away from the home with the HBO subscription.
    I've got Comcast and tried it at home (without a lot of success). I didn't know it wouldn't work away from home. So much for the "Go" part.
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    You should add a choice for FIOS to break it out further to help determine if it's the carrier vs. the TouchPad for people having issues.

    For the record, I'm on FIOS and I have no issues viewing HBO & MAX on the go on my TouchPad.
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    Does anybody know what the problem is with HBO GO? I have 25 meg Comcast and I can't get it to work. I either get the message of other user log in or the never ending Optimizing video.I have had a couple videos start then just go black.I don't have the Hulu hack.
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    I have comcast business internet at my house and have the same problems. When I force a login(cut and paste) I just end up with a redierct loop.

    hbogo used to load. But now its stick on that initial page and never loads
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    by chance are any of you guys running the hulu fix patch?
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    I am running the hulu patch and cannot even log into my Comcast account. It just goes into a load loop and I have to just close the window or navigate to another page.
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    I'm running the hulu fix and it seems to work fine on mine. I have u-verse my speeds blow *** so I know it has nothing to do with internet speed.
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    HBO Go wouldn't work at all with the TP provided web browser. When I added the Advanced Web Browser it works sometimes, but other times I get stuck at the "optimizing video" wheel. Makes no sense that it would work off and on like that. As for Xfinity chance.....says software won't work with my browser. I tell it to try anyway and get nothing. Grrrrrr....would love to get these two things working consistently. And yes, I am a Comcast customer and yes I do have HBO service.
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    I'm a Comcast customer and keep getting bumped out of xfinity and hbo go. When I first tried it I was able to actually watch some their TV series. Now nothing. I'm wondering if it might be some of the patches I've installed.

    Are any of you having trouble accessing HBOGo using a stock TP with no patches, overclocking, etc?
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    Can't get it to work either,just have logging patches and the download speed patch.
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    Would love to see this working, any ideas out there?
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    no problems logging in just get the "optimizing video" wheel
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    for those stuck on the optimizing video wheel, just give it more time. hbo go works great for me but it only plays after about 1-2 minutes of spinning. perhaps people just aren't waiting long enough?

    also, can't get xfinity to work. won't hold the login. any suggestions?
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