Hey all, I searched all over in and outs on here and on google, but I didn't see a proper guide to OC the touchpad to 1.7ghz using warthog or that new 1.8ghz F4 phantom kernel. I think the reason is that these are experimental and doesn't have a built in profile like Uberkernel, and I'm just afraid to mess things up doing it manually! Here's what I did with the Warthog kernel:

1. Uninstalled Uberkernel, restarted Touchpad
2. Downloaded Warthog kernel, rebooted touchpad as well
3. Went to govnah, click on profile which is the Palm default, then saw advance settings. Went in there to change the max cpu to 1.7188(something like that, left the minimum at like 192). Chose performance for the ondemandtcl(I think). Then save the profile as warthog.

Now I don't know if that's the right steps to do, so I went back to palm default and uninstalled the warthog kernel, and rebooted then switch back to Uberkernel. It would really help if there's a guide on how to show us to set everything up with these experimental kernel