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    I have a new TP and am getting a second. Is there some way to transfer apps from one to another? Same with going to a veer.

    A related question is where are apps saved to? If I had to wipe the device and reinstall (which I may need to at some point if I want to change the app catalog country or some catastrophic failure) I would want to be able to save all the apps so I don't have to download them all again.

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can login to your same profile on several TouchPads, every one will receive your applications when logging in.

    The saved information can be backed up and restored with "save/restore" from Preware

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    thanks. But that still means all that data will have to be downloaded to each TP which seems a waste when I've already done it once nd it's all presumably sitting somewhere on my device already?
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    you should still use the same profile, otherwise developers can be shortchanged if people learn how to transfer apps from on TP to another running different profiles.
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