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    sometimes it happens immediatly and sometimes it doesnt. but ill just be sitting there and the screen starts to go crazy like a ghost is pushing on the screen. it will open windows, mute sound etc etc. anyone have any suggestions?
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    I would seek an exorcist asap
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    sounds like a case for the ghostbusters
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    on a serious note try to get a fresh copy of your os, use webos doctor to do a restore
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    if you have a screen protector, take it off
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I know that cheap chargers can do that. do not connect your 5-and-below chargers to a premium device and expect anything good to come of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceejay View Post
    sounds like a case for the ghostbusters
    Who you gonna call GHOST BUSTERS
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    The troubleshoot for this problem from the phones as listed above has been
    1) remove screen protectors
    2) put on high quality charger and cable
    3) redoctor the phone
    4) call HP cause it might be the screen digitizer going bad and will require repair. Usually the self test shows this in the testing but since my touchpad is still in transit I don't know if touchpad has that feature.

    I've had to send a phone back for a new screen once.

    good luck
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    yea, it seems to be working fine now. It was doing great for the first day and only acted up after i doctored to 3.0.2 then over clocked it to 1.5 but it seems to be doing ok now. thanks for the suggestions! i only run the factory charger on it and do not have a protector yet. it may have been the AC vent hitting the screen.
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    Nope, and it has started again. this is really frustrating, kind of like a kid coming up to your touch pad and randomly touching the screen.

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