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    "This CAUSES problems for kernels such as Fxxx or warthog that have the io scheduler set to something other than cfq such as anticipatory." that was taken from the description

    But does it also cause problem for UberKernal ? does uk set an io scheduler to other than cfq ?
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    Not by default but there's an option to change it to noop. Don't know if it causes any issues, but I certainly didn't see any on my TP (only had one random crash since I got it and tweaked it).
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    bump. Curious as well
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    Unset CFQ scheduler resulted in an appreciable performance boost for me, running with Uberkernel. Have set the I/O scheduler to noop, as that appeared to be the setting most applicable to a system with flash memory, vs. CFQ (completely fair queuing), which is the Linux default, primarily intended for multi-core server environments. Here was a summary of what I learned when checking into which of those would work best:

    I've also changed TCP congestion to Reno and haven't had any issues of significance.

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