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    need help hiding art on music albums, wall paper, an photos exhibition mode..but not make music hide...
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    I have the same problem. Album art displays in my pictures slideshow in Exhibition. Does anyone have any help for this issue?
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    MediaMonkey Download
    2. Once installed, download the Album Art Tagger script from here Scripts...
    3. Click on the script file and it will install it into MediaMonkey
    4. Click File --> Add/rescan tracks to Library and point MediaMonkey to the directory where all your files are. Let it discover your music
    5. Select "Album" from the tree on the left to see your albums, and select the ones you want to fix album art for in the pane on the right
    6. From the menu, select Tools --> Scripts --> Album Art Tagger
    7. Select Process "02. Embed Artwork (copy from mask to tag)"
    8. If your album art is in the folder.jpg file in each album folder, then in the options type "<path>\folder" (without the quotes), select "embed in tag" from the drop down and remove the other file extensions to just leave "JPG". Leave all the other check boxes empty
    9. Click "Go" and wait!

    Once you have done the above, transfer the files to the Touchpad, and you will see Album art for each track.

    -- This should work for music ripped from Windows Media Player. But MM is flexible enough to deal with any setup if you take a few mins to think about it.
    -- I suggest you try it on one or 2 albums at a time before you select your whole collection.
    -- It takes about 10 mins to setup, but can take a while to execute if you have hundreds of albums, especially if on a network drive.

    ***Removing album art from Pictures/videos***

    If you find that having copied your music over to your Touchpad, the album art is shown in the Pictures and Videos app, and you want to remove it then: -

    1. Connect your TP to your computer and select USB drive mode
    2. Go to a command line on windows, go to the TP drive and cd into the directory where you have copied your music,

    cd Music

    3. type dir to make sure you're in the directory where your music resides

    4. While in the music directory type "del *.jpg /a /S" (without quotes)

    *****This will delete all JPG files from the directory you are in and below, so make sure you're in the Music directory not the root of your TP, otherwise you will delete every JPG on your device!
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    What does the TP look like without any jpgs...?
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