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    My TP (3.0.2) has suddenly a strange issue. The native Photos & Videos app doesn't recognize videos (correct MP4 format) or photos (JPG format) any longer. When I start the program it only lists the folders (for instance various photo folders inside DCIM) with an empty thumbnail. When I tap on such an empty folder I am informed that the album is empty. I can tap on Add Photos and the menu to select files appears with all folders and the correct number of photos next to it being displayed. However, when I then tap on one of those folders (e.g. with 66 JPG photos in it) none of the photos are displayed (i.e. I can't select it). The same is true for any other photo or video folder on my TP. Even when I take a screenshot it only displays the Screen captures folder with an empty thumbnail and when I tap on this folder I'm informed that the folder is empty (the screenshot is there as it opens with Gemini just fine). The files are definitively there as I can open and view the photos in either Gemini or Internalz Pro or the videos in KalemSoft Media Player. The same set of photos and videos also work on my wife's TP just fine.

    I have tried a few things already without success:
    - Multiple reboots (with deleting all files and then copying them over to the USB drive in between)
    - Run HP Play (latest beta) with the TP mounted as USB drive
    - Eject, safely remove or plainly unplug the mounted TP (with the Ouch error message)

    Any ideas what could have caused this and how I can fix this? I'm hoping to not have to visit the Doctor.
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    I think I just manage to fix it following the fix described here. It appears that I'm back in business.

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