Anyone else got flaky charging with their TP?

My wife has a 16 and hers works just fine with her plug and our Touchstone. Mine has been ok until 2 days ago. I started getting the "Charging Battery" notice on the top and then it would go away.. then come back... and then go away... with the "dong" message every time. This was on the Touchstone. Plugging my 32 into the wall socket has also been hit and miss with no constant that I can find for making it charge or not. I'll take my 32 off the plug, plug her 16 in and it charges just fine.

Swapping cords, plugs don't make a difference. Took Falcon off and no difference (wife's got the overclock with Falcon working just fine)

Anyone else having this problem?

(and yes, i've twisted and turned the plug numerous times to make sure it's connected... stupid idea for a design)