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    I was lucky enough to score a 32gb by standing in line for 3 hrs at BB. I been a webOS fan since the Pre that I had for a year since its launch. I had to dump it, the hardware drove me nuts so I been android since.

    I was waiting for new webOS device to come to sprint but we all know how that worked out. I was excited for the TP but the price made me cringe so I decided to wait. Then the fire sale happened and the rest is history.

    let me just say I'm LOVING the TP and rekindled my love for webOS. I have an iPad that work gave me and it does things fine...the iPad way..but I so missed the way webOS does things.

    I've barely touched the iPad since...and can't stop playing with my TP.

    kudos to everyone here and elsewhere in the webOS, as when I had my Pre, this site IS the place for all things webOS.
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    Welcome back to webOS land
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    Yeah I think after the patches its pretty good too

    My wife just read where Samsung is being sued by apple for the new tablet they just put out at least this one is not being sued
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    I'm also a big fan of the new Touchpad. It's my first webOS device (and hopefully not my last if HP doesn't kill the platform). If only HP could have marketed it better; perhaps they also should have opened up webOS a la Android. Maybe then they could have been the market leader.
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    Same here and also drove 3-hours heading down to Daytona Beach and waited 2 hours in line at their Best Buy to pickup two units of the 50 they had available (units 45 and 46). Now my wife and I both have one and love them. She also has a Nook Color rooted, but its already collecting dust. WebOS is Fantastic! Sorli...
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    Yes, exactly! I wasn't interested in a TP and happy to stick with my original Sprint Pre until...well, once I found out the Pre 3 wasn't coming to Sprint, I wasn't sure.

    But the fire sale found me lucky to stop by a Best Buy last Tuesday at just the right time! Now I'm floored by the TP and webOS 3.0.2!! (not to mention the Homebrew tweaks etc. that has this thing smokin' fast!)

    I can only hope HP keeps supporting webOS like they said they would--the fire sale sure made me realize why tablets are so popular. A great strategy, if it was intentional! (But probably not.)

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