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    Does HP use the same inventory for home/home office and small/medium business?? I've seen the "notify me" on the site for home office, but does that mean only that division will get more? If so, would people who ordered from SMB get their orders filled before they take new orders on home office?

    I hope that makes sense, just looking for a little clarification.
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    nope, entirely different ecommerce architecture and supply chain. If you call SMB customer support ask if they have any inventory through SAPSV (supply chain system for HHO)... If you are lucky they will know what you are talking about. CSRs have visibility to inventory levels advance of the web.

    that said, still doesn't mean they actually have any in stock.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I ordered mine early on Saturday, but I was interested in how their system worked. Hopefully I'll be getting one sometime soon.

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