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    Hi everyone !
    I just received today my HP Touchpad, everything seems to be fine, but when i plugged my headphones the output sound was in mono (hearing sound only on one headphone) and seems to be low.

    I thought the problem was coming from my headphones, i tried other one, still the same problem.

    It is a hardware problem (from jack plug, and I think it's the problem) or from software ?

    Thanks !

    Sorry for my bad english
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    make sure it is plugged all the way in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    make sure it is plugged all the way in...
    Yes it's plugged completly.
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    Are you using a case for it? I noticed that the first audio cable would not go all the way in with the case on. Switched to a cable with a narrower plug, and all was good
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    I'm not using case. I used several type of audio cable, but always mono sound ... I will send it back to HP
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    . I must wait 30 days ... they take in charge my touchpad 30 days after buying date. Between the first day and the 30th day , my retailer must take in charge touchpad (Usually they exchange , but they don't have anymore in stocks)

    So , i'm just hearing the left headphone, never the right. So if anyone has a clue to solve this problem ...

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