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    So I got a touchpad about a week ago and though I loved it the first day I find myself hardly using it that much these days. I wanted to list my issues with it here to see if any developers will take on a project or two that will get me using this tablet instead of my android phone.

    1. The most important thing a tablet needs is an ebook reader. The hp does not have a decent one. I think this fact alone may very well be the reason this tablet failed. I tried both Preader and kindle app. They both sucked. Preader becuase of epub formatting issues and kindle because of side loading issues. What we need is something like aldico for android.

    2. A good local media player. I have so much video files (2 TB worth) and its so much effort to get them to play properly on this tablet that I gave up. We need an app that can play all formats of media properly, not just a few formats jacked up and laggy.

    3. Media streaming. Just for basics we need netflix. Once we get that then we need a good app that can stream media PROPERLY from a home media server.

    4. Some good games / emulators. While I know we have an SNES enulator its just not good enough. We need some good looking emulators that has good controls and looks good on the Touchpad's screen.

    I think once we fix the above issues this tablet can be the best around. We have a long way to go for this OS to get all the development needed to compete. But I think the above apps will be a starting point and will keep people away from wanting to port to android. I know for me the above apps is the ONLY reason I'm so desperate for an android port. If we had the above I would never care to move away from web OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lasteclispe View Post
    1. The most important thing a tablet needs is an ebook reader.
    Thats a big statement, considering tablets were not designed as ebook readers.... If you want an e-reader, buy an e-reader.
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    Tell me why you wouldn't/couldn't have a decent ebook reader in a tablet.....seriously.

    If I owned a tablet, and I do, I sure don't want an e-book reader as well.

    @OP have you tried KalemSoft? Works well for me for both local and streaming.

    Netflix, netflix, doesn't hurt my feelings that we don't have a dedicated app. There's plenty of tv stream solutions, with current shows. Their movie selection is great....if you're into B movies.

    List off some emulators that you're interested in, just out of curiosity what were you looking for?
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    Well the touchpad has a kindle application so it has argubly the best e-reader.

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    I want what we were promised back on the 9th of Feb

    1) Kindle App (UK doesn't have one)

    2) Armageddon Squadron 2 (Haven't even heard news about it yet)

    3) TTS and SMS share. Actually we're lacking of Pre3s to use it plus it wasn't available from Day 1

    4) Editing. I know it is coming but still it's not here yet

    If we had all the above, I would be happy.
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    I didn't mean to get anyone upset, but I expect a tablet to have at least much functionality as a cell phone. My phone can do all the above perfectly. I hoped that a tab would be the same but with a bigger screen.
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    1) I don't know of the ereader app you mentioned. For me what's important is a good PDF reader. The Touchpad PDF reader is much better then that on my Palm Pre; but it still errors out on 50% of the files I throw at it. Unlike the iPad PDF reader, which opens 99% of the files I need it to open. For that big reason, my Touchpad still, sadly, could not replace my iPad.

    2) If you have Preware installed (if not, do it), search for "TouchPlayer", install it, and your issue is solved.

    3) Sadly, I think this would only happen if some company stands out to develop future webOS hardware.

    4) I don't play much games, no comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by calebnunn View Post
    Thats a big statement, considering tablets were not designed as ebook readers.... If you want an e-reader, buy an e-reader.
    Although I wouldn't go as far as to say that a Tablets biggest feature is that of a competent ebook reader app, I will say it's rather important.

    @ the OP:

    Have you checked out Orb? ( scroll down on the first post a bit, works great for streaming imo.

    As far as my wants go, I do want a better way of reading books. Kindle works fine if you buy your books from kindle, but for my PDFs- Adobe doesn't quite cut it (though I still use it). Apart from that I'd like to see some solid Remote Desktop.

    My Touchpad has pretty much replaced my iPad 2- I'm not a big fan of apple and app selection (apart from my two wants) doesn't bother me. I actually really dig WebOS.

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