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    I was looking at the Sunday ad for Staples and next to the Acer was the $549 32gb Touchpad. Someone didn't feel it was necessary to update the ad.
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    I'll take 3!
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    Those ads are printed at least 2 weeks in advance. Give em a break.
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    Office depot had a $400 dollar 16 gig in the ad as well. I know because I answered that question 50 times today "no we never received any more touchpads."

    Like stated before those ads are prepared weeks if not months in advance.
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    Ha ha, in the Labor Day weekend paper (we have one weekend edition delivered on Saturday) Office Depot lists the 16gb TP for 399.99 (32 gb 499.99) next to the Toshiba Thrive (16gb 429.99, 32gb 499.99); Staples lists the 32gb TP for 499.99.

    I could understand their ads being off a week after the "fire sale" but one would think they would have things organized by Labor Day.
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    That's nothing. I received a flyer in the mail from a local rent-to-own place, and it stated that I could buy a Touchpad for only $99/mo for twelve months! In just a year, I could own it for $1,200, OR I could purchase it outright for the regular price of $900.

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